Northern Plains Surgery Center, the area's premiere eye surgery center, is dedicated to providing world-class eye care close to home. We are a Medicare certified facility that was established in 1999 by our surgeons who felt there was a need to bring state of the art technology and treatments to the Fargo, ND area. Northern Plains Surgery Center takes pride in continuing to bring the latest technology, at a competitive price, with over 150 years combined surgical experience for our surgeons. To date, our surgeons have completed a combined total of over 90,000 cataract surgeries and over 60,000 other eye related surgeries, the leaders by far in the region. Eye surgery costs at Northern Plains Surgery Center are less than a hospital setting and the care you will receive at our facility is second to none. Patients over and over again report how thrilled they are about their overall experience and surgical outcomes. Our surgeons, nurses and support staff have one clear purpose-to maximize your individual vision potential and outcomes in an environment that is centered around patient safety, comfort and excellence.



Services We offer

The Northern Plains Surgery Center offers the following services from its participating Medical Doctors.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • The surgery center staff, clinic staff and Dr. Strinden worked as a very efficient team preparing me for the procedure. The surgery steps done by the laser were quick and painless. As a practicing dentist, I love my new found independence from glasses for my distance and intermediate activities. I am thrilled with the result and would definitely do it again. (Patient) Dr. Jim