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Northern Plains Surgery Center is pleased to announce a revolutionary new treatment option that will provide convenience and cost-savings for patients undergoing cataract surgery. Less Drop Cataract Surgery makes already effective and safe cataract surgery even better.

While patient outcomes and satisfaction are high following cataract surgery, the post-operative eye drop regimen is often the most difficult aspect of the cataract procedure. In addition to the burden of following a strict dosing schedule, eye drops often cost hundreds of dollars, resulting in financial burden. Less Drop Cataract Surgery may reduce or eliminate the high cost of prescription medications routinely prescribed, while providing a simpler, less complex recovery.

Traditionally, patients undergoing cataract surgery are required to adhere to a sometimes-confusing eye drop schedule that includes several types of drops, used for 3-4 weeks. These drops reduce the risk of inflammation and infection, and are a critical part of ensuring successful outcomes. However, complications arise when cataract patients miss a scheduled dose, are physically unable to instill the drops, have to rely on the availability of a caregiver to administer the drops, or when the high cost precludes the purchase of the prescribed drops.

During Less Drop Cataract Surgery, a sterile, compounded formulation of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory is deposited in the back of the eye (the vitreous) at the end of the procedure. The time-released delivery of the drugs helps fight infection and inflammation during the recovery period. Administering the medication at the time of surgery eliminates concerns about patient compliance associated with the use of traditional eye drops. Your doctor will discuss with you what options will work best for you.

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  • The surgery center staff, clinic staff and Dr. Strinden worked as a very efficient team preparing me for the procedure. The surgery steps done by the laser were quick and painless. As a practicing dentist, I love my new found independence from glasses for my distance and intermediate activities. I am thrilled with the result and would definitely do it again. (Patient) Dr. Jim